Kristie & Coralie's Christmas Cooler

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I've been walking past this particular shop on Caledonian Road in Kings Cross for a few months now & suddenly this awesome cafe/shop has popped up. 

Kristie & Coralie's Christmas Cooler Drink Shop & Do is a pop up shop where you can purchase lovely ceramic brooches & the like, have a piece of cake & a hot choc (complete with marshmallows) plus even attend crafting nights.

As soon as you walk into the shop, you are struck with how much love & care has gone into this venture. All the details are so lovely, right down to the tea cup & cake fork you eat the yummy double chocolate cake with.  The colours chosen are so sweet & calming.  You can even take this home with you as the chairs & other furniture are available for purchase.

What I do like most though are the crafting events.  Tonight is "Smack my stitch up" cross stitch & I'm seriously considering ditching my job interview this evening to be able to go (Don't worry family, I won't!).

I really hope this pop up store becomes a regular on Caledonian Road, or at least close by.  I would be in there every chance I get!

Time is running out for you to get there so I suggest, those in London, to get your skates on.  And I recommend the hot chocolate...


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