Pom pom ahoy!

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It was about a month after we arrived in London, when I saw a girl on the tube wearing a scarf made of pom poms.  They were bright yellow, bold red & vibrant blue.  I thought it was so cool & a really quirky idea.   It's been in the back of my mind since.  And then we saw another girl in Tesco's wearing another one, this time made of blues & greys.  I said to L, "I'm going to make a pom pom scarf just like that one!" He told me the other night that he thought it was just one of my "I'm going to make that" exclamations.  Well here we are...my very own pom pom scarf!  And here's how I made it..
I looked for wool everywhere in op shops thinking that I could get something really cheap but it seems that UK op shops just like selling clothes & books.  So I went into John Lewis haberdashery departments (one of my new favourite places) & I found this really lovely wool for quite cheap.  For all those wool geeks out there it is SIRDAR "Click" wool & was £2 each. 

I made up two discs (you can choose whatever size you like).  I decided to make the multi coloured pom poms bigger than the beige ones.  Therefore I had 2 sizes of discs.

Then I began the process of wrapping the wool through the middle hole & around to the outside.  I eventually found that it was easier to work with lengths of wool doubled over & joining the lengths together rather than pushing a small bundle of wool through the hole each time. Just keep wrapping the wool around & around until you think you have covered the discs enough to make a fat pom pom. For example:

Then you need to find a spot on the "donut" & thin apart the wool until you reach he cardboard.  Prise apart the 2 discs until you can fit the nose of your scissors in the gap.  Slowly & carefully cut the wool around the disc, all the while keeping your scissors between the discs. All the wool will puff out between the discs.

Here's the tricky bit. Without loosing any of the strands of wool between the discs, separate the discs a little more & string some wool right the way around & tie the tightest knot you possibly can.  I actually then wrapped the wool around the other way & tied another knot...just in case!

Then all that needs to be done is to slide off the discs & puff out the pom pom a little bit. Voila!  The cutest little puff of wool!

It took me a couple of days (hence the lack of posts lately) to actually work out how to make up the scarf...& then it came to me!  Why don't I just knit them into a scarf using the leftover wool plus the lengthy ties I made on each pom pom. I cast on 20 stitches & after leaving around 10cm of scarf (to add the button & buttonhole), started to knit in the ties on each pom pom.  It was a bit fiddly in terms of having to knot the tie & the knitting wool quite close to the pom pom & then used the tie to knit with. I hope this pic explains a bit better:

To end I just added on a button on the end where I kept 10cm free & made the buttonhole in the other end.

What I learnt from making this & how it turned out are:
*  Pom poms are really fun to make & very meditative!
*  The knitting of the scarf needs to be tighter & using a smaller needle as the pom poms are quite heavy
*  I could have had double the amount of pom poms to make it either more dense or longer.

I'm in love with it & proud of myself for actually making something that I said I would (new years resolution upheld!).  It's first outing will be tomorrow so we'll see if I get any comments!