Sewing kit in a roll

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In one of my first few posts, I mentioned that I was waiting on my sewing bits & pieces to arrive via sea post.  We posted a box before we left with bits we could survive without for a couple of months.  My sewing kits was one of those things...It was such a relief to open the box!  I left a bit more human...if that makes sense. 
Obviously, back home I had fabric, patterns, haberdashery & bits coming out my ears which I couldn't bring with me.  My sister scored with some fabric & is looking after my overlocker; The Bower is Marrickville got heaps of things I hadn't used in years & I also sold a bit of fabric at a market.

But the real question was, what could I bring with me & how?  I knew that I wouldn't have the space to make patterns so all the rulers papers & cutters are in storage.  I also knew that I wouldn't have a sewing machine so I didn't need all the zipper feet or cottons!  

I whittled it down to:  the "good" scissors, unpicker, pattern tracing wheel, pencil, body tracer (incase I got the urge for design!), needles & pins!  The knitting needles you see here are a £1 purchase from an op shop in Camden!

The next question was how to carry it simply.  This is where my hoard of fabric came in.  I simply used small scrap pieces to patchwork a cover, popped in some thicker fabric in the middle, made some pockets in the inside to fit certain pieces & then finished with bias binding around the edge!  Rolls up neatly & looks great!

Now I just need to slowly fill it with all those haberdashery essentials!