Yet another resolution

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With the new year now in it's 7th day, I wonder how many new years resolutions have been broken & never to be thought of again. I used to be a vigilant new years resolution planner.  However, my laziness or life just got in the way.  In the past few years I have been a little lenient on myself & made more of a 'this year I would like to do' list. I guess it doesn't put as much pressure on oneself as that evil word 'should' does. 

So in light of the new year & this blog, I have come up with a 'this year I would like to make & learn' list!

Here goes...

  1. I would like to learn how to crochet, to improve my knitting & begin quilting

  2. I would like to always have a project that I am working on

  3. I would like to learn how to take better photographs

  4. I would like to meet some like minded crafty friends here in London

  5. I would like to attend some crafty classes or 'crafternoons' in London

  6. I would like to develop this blog into something that you enjoy reading & I enjoy doing

So with #3 resolution in mind, here is a teeny tiny list of projects I would like to work on this year (written with the hope of a child in a sweet shop!):

  • door snakes (our little flat is draughty!)

  • knitted booties & baby clothes

  • a funky quilt & cushion covers (again, would be nice to have on the couch while watching a movie)

  • crochet string bag

  • quilted advent calendar & xmas decorations

  • accessories such as flowers for a belt & neck frill

  • general clothing for myself 

I will highlight these projects on this blog so that you can keep up to date & also to learn how to do them. which one will I tackle first! 


ps:  The cute resolution magnets come from Kaboose & are very cute!