I heart Google reader

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I have a confession to make...I've become a geek!  and I heart google reader..yes, yes I do.

What is google reader, I hear you ask.  Well, it feels like it brings all the things you want to read on the internet to you! My friend David has been using it for a while & Mister uses it a bit...so really I should have caught onto this sooner. 

If you have a google email address (gmail or googlemail for example) then you can google reader.  Just click on "reader" at the top left hand corner.  Then you just add in all your favourite blog/websites addresses in "add subscription" & voila, you can read all the recent posts from all your blogs!  

I have it set up so that when I scroll down, it marks them as read so each time you log into it all the new posts pop up - saves you going to each blog separately. It brings them to you!

Therefore I have put all my fav crafty, interior & fashion blogs into reader & take great delight in logging in each day to consume bloggy loveliness!  I get a bit tag crazy thinking "oh i'll post something about that...and that....and that!"

Try it..it's awesome!



Louise said...

Good to see!!