Shocked...Alexander McQueen has died

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Today was meant to be a Valentines round up blog...which seems insignificant now as today the world lost Alexander McQueen.  

I found out this afternoon at work & have felt a little numb since...not that I know him personally or have even been in the same vicinity of him but he has always been the ultimate fashion designer & creative leader in my mind.

I could rave on about how much I have loved his work & post pictures of my favourite designs but really...I just want to say how sorry I am for him that he felt he needed his world to stop.  Tragically, it was to be his mothers funeral today & trust me I can appreciate the desperation of that grief. The fashionistas of the world are sad however my heart really goes out to his family who have lost 2 of their own & I cannot imagine that.

Tonight, Mr McQueen, in my craft class, I learnt how to crochet in your honour!