Craft Tattoos

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I've been a bit overwhelmed lately hence not many posts from me.  My work has been a little crazy & therefore I'd put useful box on the back burner but now I am back...newly inspired by these amazing tattoos.  These girls really love their craft!!

I like tattoos mostly especially if they are lovely colours just like these ones.  I've thought about getting one but given they are so popular, I might just wait until being a clean skin in cool again... plus I wouldn't know how to decide what to get & am terrified of the pain!

These ones though, I am in love with!

Taken from Make & do with Perri & Jesbound plus Peg Graham from Ravelry.


Elizabeth Turner said...

Not sure about this....I'm all for being into one's hobby, but this? Lizzy

knitterpam said...

that is so cool iam in