The owl & the cushion cover

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Our little flat came with 2 couches...they are really uncomfortable if you want to snuggle up!  It's not just that they are 2 seaters but because the arm rests dig into your back.  So with that in mind, needing a project & in order to brighten up the flat I decided on a project & make my own cushion covers!

So I took myself off to John Lewis & bought a cushion insert (or pad as they call it here!) & some fabric.  I chose this fabric as it was a bright colour & I heart dots! 

But they needed something more...I was rummaging through my useful box when I came across some felt which I had bought with another project in mind.  So why not just embellish it a little more.

For those that know me well, will know that I have a phobia of birds (a long story about geese!) so I suppose in some ways it's odd for me to choose to put an owl on a cushion cover!  But I think that owls are pretty cool (from a distance!) & I like their shape & eyes.  Owls are pretty trendy at the moment..

I don't think I really need to go into how I made the cushion - sufficient to say, I hand stitched the owl onto a flat piece, then hand stitched (given that I don't have sewing machine) 3 sides, stuffed in the insert and sewed up the bottom!  Voila!

I actually bought 2 inserts..the other one is still in the process of being made as I lost a bit of inspiration with that one!  Will post that when I finish it...

Here are some more very cute cushion ideas from Apartment Theory. Again, I really like the ones with birds...perhaps the amount of pigeons in London is curing my phobia!!!


ps:  sorry for the disappearance - work, birthdays and trips to Berlin & Dublin got in the way!  I'm back now with loads of new ideas for posts, projects & photos.