A treasure trove of projects from Meet Me at Mikes

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Anyone in the crafting world would know Pip Lincoln from Meet Me at Mikes...& I have been following her for while.  I first heard about Pip's Melbourne shop, of the same name, when I was doing some wholesale selling for some friends.  Basically I wanted to have a shop like hers one day & still do, mind you. 

Now of course Pip's blog is the number one women's blog in Australia & a daily ritual for all those crafties out there including moi. I really do admire her love of her family which she juggles with a successful store, blog, books, starting the Brown Owls and writing for the fabulous Frankie (oh how I miss my monthly mag hit!)

But what I love most is her Make Things directory on the blog...oh, what a heaving collective of all things crafty to make.  Pure heaven for a girl like me!

It is actually here where I supplemented Mister's mum granny square lesson & of course where I am going to make....well, all sort of things.

Where do I start?

Maybe Tea Cozies (cos we all know I want to make them)... or tote bags... or lunch sacks... or getting in early with handmade Xmas presents... or my favourite, How to be a good penpal.

With a huge thanks to Pip & Meet me at Mikes, it's enough blogging for me tonight...& more projects!