A busy little crafting bee..

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We've been between flats & therefore my Mac was in one place while I was staying in another. We are back together again now & about time as I've been super craftily busy!

Of course it has been wool week in London & while I did not get to really partake in it (silly me!), I enjoyed reading the Guardian article reporting on Guerilla Knitting.  I'm also fascinated to realise that this sort of activism is really starting to go mainstream.  
Photograph: Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian

Though in honour of wool week, I did get down to some knitting & crossing off one of my projects to do list...Baby Booties!!!  Mister's sister is about to give birth to twins so I thought I should get cracking on a present for the little boys.  I'm really not into dressing boys in pale blue & girls in pink so I made one pair red & the other in navy with the cutest little yellow buttons with ladybirds on them! They've turned out quite well...

I did change the pattern a little bit though. The pattern called for Size 3 needles but they came up too small (& I am a tight knitter) so I change the needles to size 4 & tried my hardest to be a bit looser with my tension.

Of course, this project was the perfect excuse to get myself to Liberty!!  I think I could live in that store! I also thought that these are quite cheap lovely presents. Each ball of 50g Rowan Wool was £3.75 & I think you could get 2 pairs of booties out of one ball.  I think that is pretty good value & they are fun to make!

I also made a little trip to Cloth House, as one does.  I wanted to get started on my baby blanket on my project to do list but cost kinda prevented me.  However, I did find some quilts there that have totally inspired me!

I've wanted to take up quilting for a while now.  Quite a few people around me quilt & they love it so much.  Given I am taking more of an interest in hand stitching I thought that quilting might be for me.  BUT I'm not all those little tiny hexagon's or the patterns. So I think this type might be for me...

The photo isn't great as I was taking it on the sly...It seems that there are only 2 fabrics taking up each side (obviously) & then with the hand stitching going every which way.  It just seems easy, beautiful & quick.  I like the simplicity of it with just 2 fabrics.  The only problem is that I would like to do some more research on the style but I don't know the name of it (I asked the girl in the shop & see told me that it was 'Quilting', like d'urh!)

Can anyone help me?

So have my eye on some fabric but will have to wait for the next pay day! What do you think?

So that was a busy week actually...especially now that I have joined Twitter.  To follow me, just click the 'follow me' button on the right of this page.  I get excited every time someone follows me...up to 60 followers now including the one & only Perri Lewis!  Yipppeee!

I think that's enough for one post.  Last day of my holidays tomorrow so I best get hammering out some more posts tomorrow.