I'm thinking of making this..

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I'm tending to be knitting more & more lately...I guess because I haven't yet bought my sewing machine. So I'm thinking of making this...

Photograph: Claire Scully for The Guardian

The pattern is from The Guardian's craft section. I think though that I might use a thick, soft wool & make it a little bit wider. 

I'll let you know how I go. 



Lizzet said...

I saw it too and I am seriously thinking of making it... it does look very quick and easy to make.. i just need to finish other 2 projects that I have on the go!

Caz said...

yes, i have to finish some booties for friends before I start on this...plus find some nice soft (non itchy) wool!

Florence said...

My mother-in-law is making this for me - it looks like it's the perfect height and width (the ones that I've tried in Jigsaw feel more like having a large creature wrapped around my neck) - I'd love to know how yours turned out.

Florence x