Market Research :: What would sell?

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I'm currently trying to work out what I can start making to sell.  The reason being is that I need an end-use for what I make but also for the extra money in the old bank account. 

I seem to be liking knitting's easy to do anywhere, all I have to do is buy the wool & the patterns seem to be easy to get online. 

As you know I have been making some booties, so I have started another pair to try a new way of doing is a peak but I will update you later as to the finished product. 

So what would you pay for booties on Etsy/Folksy/Made it or at a market?  Between £10-£20?  

Also thinking of making my sewing rolls.  These are sewn which makes me feel more comfortable.  However, I don't yet have a sewing machine nor do I have the funds just as yet to get one.  I'd also have to find some good, cheap, interesting fabric as well which I am finding quite hard. The plus side is that these really go with the whole useful box 'brand'!!!!

So what would you pay for these?  And what would you want in them in terms of compartments/pockets?

Would love to hear your thoughts?