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In my google reader feed, I have way too many blog posts to look through so I tend to whizz through them & the ones that catch my eye I tag them to read later or keep for reference.  One of those tags is 'Projects' - they are the things I like the look of & would one day like to make.  

This folder is getting bigger & bigger so as a way of tidying it up & holding myself to my word of 'I'm going to make that', I thought that I would list a few here that I can realistically see me doing in the next few months.

Here goes...
I saw this on The Bright Side Project by Sarah & Bendrix & I think it's incredibly cute.  I think I might try to do something similar but with paint instead on smaller scale.

I really love the simplicity, colours & patterns of this baby quilt from Posie gets Cozie.  It looks fairly easy to make so I'm going to give it a go...just have to find some cute fabric! 

I know 5 babies that will be born between now & next March so I'd really love to get knitting these little booties for all those little tiny feet.  Pattern is here.

Now that I think of it, I think those 3 projects are enough for now...I'll keep you updated!



Sarah said...

Ooh, I love the framed hearts, it'd work so well as a valentine's card using a scan of an old love letter for the printed heart - you've inspired me for hubby's next birthday/Valentines card, thank you!

Caz said...

Ohhh Sarah, we could compare projects! How exciting! Xx

Maria said...

What a great idea - to yse the tag-thingy. I just switched to Google reader, so I hadn't discovered that function yet. Thank you!