Church pew tapestry cool

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It seems that every time we go somewhere for a spot of sightseeing in England, well anywhere in Europe, it always includes a church. And while we are both very much non-believers, what I like about popping into these churches is two-fold...there is always the promise of a Nanna sighting while they arrange the flowers, dust the pews or drinking a cup of tea.  The other is that I have a fascination with church pew kneeling cushions.  

Yes indeedy, I love a handmade tapestry cushion!  Whenever I see these cushions I am entranced.  I have visions of the aforementioned Nannas sitting around in their armchairs with tea, cake & gossip all while producing these amazing cushions.

Usually, & obviously, they have a religious theme which is ok with the atheist in me. But in this little church in The Cotswolds had the THE most lovely cushions I have ever seen.  

The designs ranged from animals to flowers & town scenes. Very cute indeed. 

The 2 below are my favourites - a whale will always be a favourite!

Well, what do you think of them?



These are stunning! Just found your blog!
Heather x

Caz said...

Yes, they were stunning! Beautifully made, wonderful colours and cute designs...and all in a rambling countryside church!