Making monsters...

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I don't know if I have mentioned this but we have 7 nephews! So xmas presents can be a bit daunting & expensive.  While the 2 eldest, J&F, only want books & lego, the little ones, O,S,H,M&L, always like something colourful to play with.

So Mister & I put our joint crafting skills to the test & decided to MAKE toy monsters for the little boys!  We set to work this afternoon.

First, we sought some inspiration for shapes from the internet.

Mister then set to work creating some 'concept art' as he liked to call it..

Of course, some concepts didn't make it as we set to work cutting out shapes from felt. 

Then the fun part..adding all the eyes, teeth & feet!

Of course, we then had to sew up the side seams. 

Ta- all we need is stuffing!

Stay tuned for the final stuffed pics...& maybe even a pic of the boys enjoying them at christmas!

We both had a lot of fun making them.  As Mister said "craft is fun!'


Jez said...

Wow you two are very creative.