Random act of kindness

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Apart from crafts & blogging, I am becoming increasing obsessive by positive psychology & random acts of kindness!  Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a blog about shiny happy people.  But today a dear friend of mine, who has become very important to me here away from home, had some very sad news that her father had passed away so everything suddenly fell into perspective...

...& then as I stepped onto the train, coming home from my friends house, I noticed some unstamped but addressed christmas cards on the floor that someone had been meaning to post.  They were all trampled & lonely looking.  The whole way I kept thinking about the people who would receive them or what the sender had written in them.  A-HA! Here is my chance for a random act of kindness for today...

I scooped them up & will post them tomorrow...but not before I put my own message on the back! 

So I do hope the receivers of these cards appreciate them as they are sent on with much love & in honour of Pops Green!


ps: we tried to carefully protect names & address in the photos.


Steve said...

Hello! we received our Christmas card today!! looks like it went from the floor on the tube in London, via your random act of kindness and arrived in Panama today!!

many thanks for posting these!! it has made our day, not just to receive the xmas wishes from our fiend, but that you went to the time and effort to make sure her cards made it!

many thanks, and best wishes for 2011!!!

Caz said...

Dear Steve

You are more than welcome. It was completely my pleasure!

I'm so thrilled that you looked at my blog & commented.

Happy new year!
Caz xxxx