We all know I heart Pom pom's!

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Yes that's right, I heart Pom Pom's!! 
I actually can't get enough of them.. They are just little round bursts of fluffy joy! The wordsmith that is my dear friend Mel, even pointed out that the name is the cutest....POM POM!!! hah!

You may remember when I made this scarf with my pom poms?

Well I wasn't happy with how I made it up as I tried to knit in the pom poms to a scarf.  It didn't sit properly & was uncomfortable.

So I cut them all out of the scarf & instead threaded one long strand through the centre of each pom pom. It works so much better!

To continue the pom pom theme, I also heart them in jewellery & hair accessories....

I mean how much cuter can you get than this??? I can't remember where I found this image but it's something I simply must make...& soon!!

Over at Vamoose, they love pom poms too!!  I must get me one of these!!

On that note, I leave you with another Vamoose delight...my two favourite things in one...a heart & pom poms!