Crafting flood relief

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So I am back in overseas & therefore back into the blogging properly.  I had a wonderful time in Sydney - thank you to my dear sister, for putting up with me, for letting me teach her granny squares & help her with her sewing (stay tuned for that post!)

Obviously, while I was there, Queensland & Victoria were hit with some pretty devastating flooding.  Some of the pictures & video were simply heartbreaking & I cannot imagine watching a wall of water coming towards you. 

Rather than give money I wanted to DO something for the families affected instead.  But I just didn't know how to start.

Then, via her blog, I found that Sarah London, was asking for our crafty help.  Sarah is asking for us to produce granny squares which she will put together to make blankets for those families who lost everything.  It's aptly called, Crochet a Rainbow. 

Now this is what I am talking about...actually DOING something!  I congratulate Sarah for putting this together & more importantly for putting them altogether.  If I were back in Australia I would offer to help her put them all together!

So far Sarah has 195 people from across the world donating granny squares - that is AWESOME!

Details - blog here & email address here

Thank you Sarah!