New year with crafting

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It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front for me over new year as Mister & I have been home for a visit.  We've now been overseas for 15 months so we thought that xmas & an important 18th Birthday were the perfect time to come back for a visit.

I spent new years eve with my dear friend Renee & I was taken with this crazy coloured goat that they brought back with them from Mexico.  He's made of a hemp like fabric & all handstitched together.  The thing I like most about him is the pom poms (of course!) on his shoulders & tail. Cute!

I've also been teaching my sister to crochet.  We've gone over single, double and treble crochet stitches & now moving onto granny squares!  She's getting the hang of it easily but of course the good old 'hold' is hard to get a hang of.

I've been using this also as a bit of a practice in teaching as I'd like to have a go at that as well.  Big Sis tells me that my teaching style is helping her so that's positive!!! I'll post some more pics of how we get on....

We also gave our nephews the monsters we made so I'll post some pics of the boys with those as well.