You say Applique, I say Appliqué!

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While back home I had hoped that my sister & I could get down to some more making but seeing people & other bits got in the way.  However we did get to do some appliqué to a dress that Big Sis had already made. 

Big Sis had made up this very cute navy & white dot dress from one of our mother's 60's patterns but it seemed to be lacking a little something. We thought that it would be fun to add some appliqué circles of differing colours & patterns to the neckline. 

According to Wikipedia, in its broadest sense, appliqué is a smaller ornament or device applied to another surface. The word appliqué is a french word that, in this context, means "that has been applied".  In the context of sewing, appliqué refers a needlework technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patters or pictures.  

I've had a bit of a go at appliqué before, adding it to some kids clothes that I had made & I quite liked the process. Especially when I found out the visoflex trick!!!  

So here is the dress - well done Big Sis! 

We then found some cute fabric of different colours & patterns, making different sized circles.  We placed them on the dummy to arrange them to our taste.  

Taking up our visoflex, we cut out matching circles.  Visoflex is, for want of a better words, double sided interfacing.  It essentially bonds to fabrics together & stabilises them which makes it easier to sew the edge of the piece of fabric.  One side has the glue 'bumps' while the other is a tear off piece of paper to reveal the other side of the glue 'bumps'!

All you need to do is iron the bumpy side to the piece that you are applying to the large piece of fabric. Then take the paper off & once placed properly, iron again & it will bond. 

Here are our pieces all placed & bonded to each other.  To finish off appliqué (& my sincere apologies, I don't have a picture of the final product as this is all we got up to.  Final pic has been promised to me!), all you need to do is sew around each circle with a very small zig zag.  It takes some time but looks great in the end. 


ps: big sorry about the pics - the lighting wasn't quite right.