Flowers are possibly the most beautiful things!

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I've had possibly one of the most lovely evenings & skipped right home to post this!  Alice & I have just been to a flower arranging course with Covent Garden Academy of Flowers.

Being a florist was on my list of careers however suffering terrible hayfever & being allergic to early mornings kind of got that one crossed off the list.  I am in love with flowers & I am looking forward to getting back to Sydney to really get stuck into our garden. So this course was really a lovely thing to do.  

In my real job, I do organise weddings so it was interesting from this point of view & I can really imagine that a course like this would work really well for hen's parties. Gillian & Madeleine, who were our teachers, were so kind, encouraging & just really lovely to spend time with nattering about colours & flowers.  Alice & I decided that we could live in the shop. 

We learnt how to make hand tied arrangements using roses, anemones & varying foliage types including eucalyptus (the smell has made me feel terribly homesick!)

The biggest tips I learnt are:
*  Don't be afraid to be tight or loose with your grip of the posy.  Sometimes even give it a shake!
*  Only cut the stems on a diagonal so more water can be 'drunk'
*  Stand in front of a mirror with your posy as it gives a different perspective. 

Here is my finished posy including sitting proudly in the bag. 

This is Alice's beauty!

A wonderful thing to do & highly recommended..