Craft & Crown

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Yesterday, I spent a lovely day back at The Hospital Club for the Craft & Crown event hosted by Miss Perri Lewis.

I've mentioned before that this was an initial idea by Alice & I when we met Perri & Jamie (aka Mr X Stitch) a few months ago.  Alice has since run with it as I left The Hospital Club...& boy was it a credit to her!  Well done Alice, I'm very proud of you.  And thank you to Perri for all her help, guidance, knowledge & influence, not to mention a cracker bunting workshop.

Here are just a few (!) shot of the day & I've tried to link as many pics as I can to the designers taking place...& thank you to them as well, hope you sold lots!

The theme of this market was the upcoming nuptials of a certain royal & his 'commoner' bride. There was serious homage pieces to the festivities & others were tongue in cheek nods to anarchism. Very awesome.

These pretty pieces are from the delightful Ali Miller.  She takes her illustration & prints onto crockery, fabric & prints.  My favourite was this tea pot with a map of the UK!

I heart union jacks & have done since my britpop faze as a teenager (in fact I'm still in that faze, I'll tell you one day about being in the presence of Damon Albarn & not being able to talk!).  So the Lost & Found stall was like heaven for me.  I particularly loved their quilted union jack blankets.  

Here we have a stall of variety with bunting, London signs, vintage magazines, pin cushions & candles set in vintage royal tea cups from Me Old China. Not to forget the Royal Wedding sick bags!  I'm also so glad to have found someone who also can't quite find just ONE thing to make & is a dab hand at so many things!

I really loved this stall from House of Ismay. They actually reminded me of a stall we have back home at our Newtown Designers Market in Sydney.  My favourite were these small notebooks made from vintage postcards folded so the image is on the inside & the writing side becomes the cover.  What a great idea!

I wanted to buy one of these tea towels & just didn't get around to it.  So I will be hitting up the online store for Mr PS to buy like crazy - tea towels are so easy to send home!  My favourites were the Royal Wedding menu & the Fancy a Brew prints.

These machine embroidery prints from Naomi Ryder were perhaps the most fascinating product there for me given that I do want to have a go at what I believe to be a challenging craft! I mean it is amazing to do this all free hand on a machine.  I had a little chat to the lovely Naomi & she tells me that it is more economical for her to do embroidery & then create prints for her clothing instead of one offs.  However, she is making a few bespoke dresses for customers.  I also fell in love with the sheer fabric in the frame - that would look amazing on a coloured wall!

These t-shirts & hoodies are great from EmilyThePemily.  I especially liked the Pearly Queen print. 

These decoupaged suitcases are a great idea from U Old Bag! I wouldn't be able to decide between the ones with the maps or the Queen herself!

Guts for Garters couldn't be missed with perhaps the biggest stall!  It was chock full of all sorts of treats from clothing to furniture to vintage crockery to Anarchist mugs! 

This colourful stall was from Nursery Bang Bang & Jill was completely charming in her 1950's dress!  It was very hard for me not to buy all of the tea cosies! 

Apparently these were the more tame of the prints that Katie from Outlandish Creation produces. I'd like to see her racy ones!

Charlie from Cross Stitch Magazine was at the fair as well, bringing with her this amazing cross stitch.  Amazing!  Plus introduced me to magazine, Mollie Makes, which launches on May 12th.  There is a pre subscription offer here. I never got around to asking Charlie is she indeed was the creator of that cross stitch. 

The workshops also seemed to be a hit with Posy's by Jill Adams of Nursery Bang Bang, Cross stitching with none other than Mr X Stitch himself & of course, bunting with Perri!  

Of course, I cannot leave until I mention the wonderful food by Duncan & Rey.  The scones were a treat & I am so proud of Rey with the amount of work he put into the cupcakes with the cut outs of crowns on them.  To keep with his favourite saying, Uh-Mayzing! Lovely to also be in the company of Renee, Tom & Denitsa!

Overall a lovely day & I'm so glad that it got off the ground after months of plotting & planning.  Well done Miss Wilson!!



Mr X Stitch said...

It was a good day. :)

We had a lot of fun. Those cakes did look good.
love Nursey x

Love, love, love this. It must have been a fab day. Wish I was there xx