One project finished...What to do next!?

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For the Craft & Crown fair next weekend at The Hospital Club, Alice & I thought it would be ingenious to cross stitch the sign!  We underestimated how long it would take as I have only just finished off my first one..T!

Alice is quite speedy so she's stitched up A & F but we have decided to applique the C, R & the ampersand.  So ethel is going to get a work out very soon..

So with that project ending, what's next for me...

Well I have an unpicked skirt that I was going to breathe back into.  I was going to make the skirt part of this pattern...

However, I did not make a good choice in the fabric.  It was a bit too heavy for such gathers & made me look like two tonne tessie.  So I unpicked the blasted thing...& my make just a boring old straight skirt with it.  This would also allow me to get Ethel out some more as I have been neglecting her for mesmerising & mediative effects of cross stitch. 

On the other hand, I feel like knitting (& I do have some money to spend at Liberty!).  I photocopied some knitting patterns from the Patons 1277 book which I brought over with me.

This is the only pic I can find on the web of the one I want to make - It's number 9 on the left titled 'Cardigan with short extended sleeves & wide front bands in an all over lace pattern'.

Although looking over the pattern it might be too advanced for me.  So I might just try to make up some parts of it in some wool I have here & I can always frog it back if it doesn't work!

I think it would be best to get my skirt finished first...I am always complaining that I have nothing to wear!!



Soofiya said...

Loving your blog! =)

Caz said...

Thank you Soofiya! Glad you like it. Your comment has made my day!