A Royal corsage for a Royal Wedding

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Being an Aussie in London & something like the Royal Wedding happens, it feels pretty surreal.  So we wanted to make the most of it.  I originally wanted to go to the mall & wave my flag but I was rightly talked out of that & into a picnic in Hyde Park.

We arrived at 630am so that we could get a good spot & boy we did!  We were in front of the the middle screen with a nice cosy bit of grass.

The organisers suggested getting dressed up & wearing a hat.  I didn't have time to find a hat & nor did I have time to make one.  So I just nipped to my local Tesco & picked up a bunch of flowers for £1!

Bec & I just snipped them up into corsages, buttonholes (for Mister) & a nice little bunch for my head tied on with a scarf.

Here is the view of the screen & Kate's STUNNING dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.  Makes me wonder what he would have written or embroidered into the lining, if he were here, like he did with Charlie's suits.

A pretty awesome day!


Chahrazad said...

So you were just in front of them. Great. I and my kids, because we live in a far far away country, saw teh marriage on TV. How lucky you are, and thanks alot for the pics.