A travel diary in flowers!

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I'm not sure that this blog has really touched on my obsession with flowers & lately this obsession is reaching fever pitch!  

Mister often has to wait for me out walking while I stop to look at the flowers, smell them & more often than not, pick them.  Just today I picked a lovely twig of peonies!! And I guess being a florist has always been an attractive career for me if it wasn't my terrible hayfever & further allergy to early mornings.

This coupled with living away from home I thought I  might create a different kind of travel diary!  A pressed flower diary. 

I'm collecting small flowers from different trips, pressing them & adding them to the diary. Hopefully, it will tell a different story to photographic or written diaries. 

Flower pressing is pretty easy... just lay the flower between a couple of layers of tissue & plonk under a whole pile of books!  In this case, an extensive pile of travel books!

Here are the flowers I have collected so far some have been pressing for a while & some are very new.

I chose to use a book that has an elastic closure as it will add further pressing to the flowers. 

I also decided to use MT Tape to stick the flowers onto the page, just to make it a bit more interesting.  I could have scrapbooked the page but I'm not a scrapbooking kinda girl.

Here is a flower that Grandma & I picked on our trip to Yorkshire last year. 

These flowers are from a walk in Pluckley where 'Darling buds of May' was filmed.  I've since watched the 3 seasons of the show - Perfick!

This is the latest flower collected & was picked just down the road from our flat.

 This too was picked just down the road. 

I'll add more entries as they are collected!