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My google reader is packed to the rafter with blogs/rss feeds & most just dash past my eyes without much recognition.  However there is one blog that I always look out for & often visit it outside of my reader.  

Jessica, from Kentucky US, writes GREEN APPLES & is all about her crafty work in progress, mostly knitting & sewing.  What I love about it the most is that you can follow the project from when Jessica brings home the new pattern, to fabric choice & then of course the unveiling picture of her wearing it. 

Vogue 2960 - check it out here
I also love the wearability reports.  Its so hard to determine if the pattern in the book will live up to your expectations, if it will suit you, if it will make up a bit too small, when you are in the store.  I guess Jessica helps you make those decisions.  

In fact, Jessica has recently made up 2 dress from patterns that I have had my eye on for a while now.  They look like definite winners! 

Simplicity 2281 - check it out here
Butterick 5603 - check it out here

Jessica also has a great flickr feed showing all her sewing & knitting projects here.

Also is this the Audrey sweater that Katie from the Electric Sheep podcast talks about a lot?

Audrey sweater - check it out here
I encourage you to have a look at this blog...it really is inspiring & encouraging.  Makes me think that I need to get sewing more & more!


:: All photographs from the Green Apples blog ::