Craft block fixed with Fimo fun

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I have a confession to make. I haven't wanted to post anything lately.  The reason for this, I've just realised, is a craft block!

Possibly the main reason for this is because I just don't know where to start & I am frustrated.The frustration is being caused by my knitting....oh yes, I haven't even gotten past the bloomin' tension square! But that is another for another day. 

I figured that the only way to fix this craft block is to just DO something.  Just something, no matter how small.  So I rustled through my usefulbox & found some Fimo that I had found at my old work & hoarded. I decided that I will make some buttons & some beads! Easy!

I first played with Fimo when I was about 10 or 12years old.  I think one of my sisters gave me some for my birthday.  I remember sitting at the kitchen bench trying to work out how to make it soft & how to cook it. So I've always looked at Fimo with with great affection & memories.

Fimo Buttons

Materials needed:
Blocks of Fimo (can be bought from art & craft stores)
Greaseproof paper
Baking tray & Oven (heated to 110degrees C)

The Fimo is ridged so it's easier to divide.  Just use a knife as it's quite firm to begin with. Roll it up in your hands as the heat from your body warms it up & makes it pliable. 
Roll the ball into a long sausage shape and cut up into pieces
Lay out the little cuttings onto greaseproof paper with space around each one
Fold over more greaseproof paper & squish down the little cuttings to make a circle.  Rub your thumb over them so they are smooth
Reveal your little circles from beneath the paper
If you are making buttons, as I am, use a toothpick (or something similarly pokey) to push through, making the holes to sew the buttons on with
Due to all the poking, they might go a little out of shape.  In this case, just lay them back on the greaseproof paper & flatten with your thumb.  
These are now ready to get into the oven!
Now I want to make some beads.  So I rolled up another piece of Fimo & cut it in half.
The 2 halves are then re-rolled into balls & poked through with my toothpick.
Voila, 2 beads!
Now I'd like to make slightly oval flat buttons.  So rolling up 2 new oval shape balls, I placed these between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper & flattened with my thumb. 
I then noticed that my button jar has a nice texture on the bottom of it so I stamped the buttons on either side.  (Tip:  make these imprints as deep as possible as the cooking process tends to make them look lighter than they are!)
Two new patterns buttons
Now I wanted to get into using the green Fimo.  So I thought I'd use them to marble.  So twisting 2 sausages of colours together ....
I then made this ball of green & blue. 

Time to squish it down with my button jar.  Tip:  Because it is such a fat ball, it doesn't really heat to the core to press easily.  So you might need to hold it between your hands in between flattening.
Lovely marbled disc which after some 4 pokes will become  a great button. 
Here are all our lovelies going ready for the oven.  They just need 30min in a 110 deg C oven.

Ta Da!  Here they are all all cooked & firm.  If some of the circles are a bit rough around the edges, you could take a nail file to them & smooth them out.

Wouldn't these also make a great gift for your sewing friends!