Kids Tail-o-saur-us!

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This project was inspired by a pic posted by Etsy on Facebook & I immediately thought of our nephew, H, when I saw it.  

Needless to say, I whipped this up for his 2nd birthday recently! (although he hasn't yet received it in the post nearly a month later!!! yikes!)

Here is how to make one yourself!

Step 1: Begin by cutting out the shape of the tail from thick paper, or even better, cardboard.  I did this freehand.

Step 2: Place your 2 pieces of fabric with right sides together & pin your pattern onto it. In this case I have sewn 2 squares of felt together to make a rectangle as that is the type of felt I already had in my usefulbox. 

Step 3: Cut. Do not throw out the off cuts as we use them too!

Step 4: Using the offcuts, we can sew these onto the large end of the tail. This will also add extra strength when belted around the kids bottom

Step 5: We can also use another off cut to make ‘back side’ of the belt. I cut this rectangle in half & sewed the short ends together to make one long piece

Step 6: Firstly, join the tail to the belt & cut to make sure it all squares off

Step 7: Iron these seams towards the tail being careful not to overheat & therefore push the felt out of shape

Step 8: Now using the long rectangles you’ve made, place the right sides to- gather & sew along the top of the belt

Step 8A: Make sure you stop sewing at the seam where the tail meets the belt. There may be extra belt but this can be tucked in. Fold over to right side & press

Step 9: Velcro! Add the soft half of the velcro to the underside of the belt on the right side of the felt & the hook side to the side of the belt on the left side

Step 10: Sew around the edge of the velcro to one side of the belt (so we don’t see it on the other side!)

Step 11: I used scraps of felt to make the spikes for the tail. And the more colourful the better!

Step 12: While it seems un-natural, you will pin the spikes to the wrong side of the fabric with them pointing out. Tuck the extra bit of the belt into the tail

Step 13: Place the other side of the tail onto the top wrong side down & pin

TIP: This sort of shape is hard to stuff if all sewn up. Instead, sew as you stuff (as you can see from the pin placements)

Step 14: Stuff as you sew!

Step 15: As you finish stuffing, make sure the it is tightly packed in & doesn’t spill out into where you need to close it up

Step 16: Next you will need to sew up the seam to close the tail. Make sure you sew exactly over the seam you made attaching the tail to the belt

Step 17: Tie off & snip any loose ends

Step 18: To finish off the belt you may simply sew around the rectangle with the machine. However, I thought I would embellish it a big more

Step 19: Using embroidery thread (I used 2 strands) & blanket stitch, sew around the edges of the belt.

FINISHED: Here is a close up of the finished blanket stitch

If you have a little-un that in need of a present, this is a great idea & really fun to make!

Go for it!