Craft slump

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My apologises for not being regular with my posts lately - what a bad blogger!  I must confess that I have had a bit of a craft block lately.  Perhaps its due to being a bit busy but mostly, & in all honesty, its purely just laziness.  You see when I have too many options in front of me or indeed, something that's not going quite right, I become a little bit of a procrastinator.  Or maybe it's just perfectionism, if I can do it well or perfectly, why try? I'd like to think that it's the latter...

This idea of too many options is a bit crazy actually for a chronic list writer like myself. I am perhaps overwhelming myself with what I want to make & have begun to make. 

Currently the projects I am working on are:

*  A pair of red booties that I am trying to crochet on a green ankle wrap to make them look like a strawberry - it's not working so they are sat, half made in my usefulbox.
*  I've started my first knitting project, a lovely little short sleeved lace cardi.  I bought the wool 2 months ago and have only just started getting into it after woes with the tension square (more on that later).
*  I need to use my sewing machine more so I have all sorts of plans of what I would like to sew but then they just get put in the too hard, too expensive or the too much choice basket
*  My secret pom pom project that I cannot reveal until next March - it's not going according to plan so I am just not doing anything about it which will mean that I will leave it to the last minute & end up with something inferior & that I am not proud of.  I should listen to myself really shouldn't I?!
*  I have several blog posts in mind & yet unwritten as I have been putting off doing the research to accompany my pics.  There isn't a reason for my not doing this...

You'll note from above that most of the projects are stagnant in problems or indeed taking longer than I thought to get right.  This means quick sand for me into a pit of craft depression. 

Usually I write myself a detailed list of what I need to do when I get into these ruts…. & I love a list as much the next anal retentive event manager.  But right now, lists are just another thing to add to the list. 

So for the moment, I have decided to blame this on my knitting as its the biggest project I am undertaking at the moment. It's taken me quite a while to get into the swing of it.  I couldn't get the tension squares right, the pattern feels like it was written in hiroglifics & it takes much longer than I thought!  Also because I spent so much money on the wool, I was scared to start incase I stuffed it up.  But I am getting into the roll of it & making much more progress & can see the end result which make little miss instant results here happier.  But more on this project later….back to my craft woe!

What can I do to get out of the craft slump, I hear you ask? That I don't really know.  I guess it's to just get into it & DO IT!

So in that spirit, I WILL write a list & you can be my 'craft police' to make sure that I get on with it. I'll report back to let you know how I am going.

1.  Ask my sister about what the hell a certain part in my knitting pattern means.  She is an excellent knitter & will enjoy being able to help me
2.  Clean up my Usefulbox - see above pic.  It is the same feeling of being organised that cleaning out your handbag gives you.  If i get it sorted, I will be able to see clearly what I need to do
3.  Research crochet stitches to finish off the booties & just sit one night to do it.  It will only take an evening in front of 'The Apprentice' to get it done & then it's off the list
4.  Take a look through my fabric stash & plan outfits to make with what I've already got.  That way I don't have to spend any more money & use up what I've got. 
5.  Make a list (& hence a new blog post) with all the projects I would like to do & make a bit of a timeline for them as well so that I can feel paced with it all. 

So off I go...wish me luck!