Christmas Wreaths

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I'm not really one for lots of christmas decorations or really to get that excited about it. Perhaps that will change next year when our little one has their first xmas!

However, I do love wreaths...lots.  In fact, I love them all year round.  I've been collecting some in my google reader for the past 2 seasons so I thought it about time to do a 'roundup' of my favourites!

Beci Orpin wreath for Frankie Magazine

Lulu Carter - with tutorial

Poppytalk - I want to make this one to keep on the table indoors all year!

Purl Bee - I love that this one is on a flat piece of fabric instead of a cut out circle

Miss Stitchery - has been sold on Etsy but a great idea!

Avie Designs - I might have a go at this one using the tutorial

Thomson Family blog - of course this is beautiful considering it's from this beautiful blog.

Six and a half stitches - I love the 'baubles' on the top

Smile & Wave - plus tutorial

Martha Stewart - of course, Martha has a tutorial on a wreath!

Crate Paper Blog - this would be a great use of leftover pieces of scrapbooking paper!

I'll let you know how I go making mine!