A superhero cape for a little superhero

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It was our nephew, S's birthday recently (yes, I am very very very late in getting this to him).  Our nephews already have quite a few toys so we are trying to now give them 'useful' things or things that I have made and they can use.  Much like the dinosaur tail for Nephew H.

So for this birthday, I thought this superhero cape would be cute!

I used the tutorial from Somewhat Simple & then just made a few adjustments along the way.

Materials needed:
  • Felt - your choice of colours.  I bought 1/2m of the main colour & only 10cm of the others
  • The good scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Thread - I used embroidery thread in a contrasting colour
  • Velco - I only bought the minimum amount I was allowed

The length of the cape was roughly 25inches...I don't normally work in inches, in fact they confuse me.  But this seemed like a good length.

I rounded the edges of the bottom of the cape using a mug & bowl! The shape of the cape was very much free hand. 

The shaping of the neck was very much to the eye...you can use the finished picture as a guide. 

I love the sound of cutting out fabric...reminds me of my mum!

Use small pieces of velcro to attach to the neck fastening. Again, I did this by eye!

Here is me free hand drawing the crucial superhero emblem.  I decided on a lightening bolt & an S!

Once you have decided on placement, you can pin & then stitch it on.  I chose just a simple stitch but you can be as fancy as you like. Decoration is up to you. 

...now you are done & have a little superhero cape!

Learnings & things I would improve:
  • I made the neck a little big but I didn't have a little person around to measure it on. 
  • We'll have to wait & see if it is too long.  But the good thing is that Mum can trim the hem.
  • Iron velcro would be a better idea - saves on handstitiching!

All there is to do now is post it off..