A new year & new reasons to sew!

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Happy belated new year!  I hope you enjoyed your xmas dinner & time off!

We spent a lovely christmas here at home & then jumped on a ferry to an island not far away where we continued to sit by the pool.  We are just getting back into the swing of work & preparing for various visitors (it's been non stop).

I guess the new year brings many ideas, resolutions & to do list.  I think my to do list before March 30 is pretty long but it's made all the more easier by the arrival of Ethel V2.0, my new brother LS-2125 sewing machine!!

This is the exact machine that I have had previously  I thought it was such a neat machine so I should save myself the hassle & just get the same one.  Even was delivered direct to the door.  Ethel V1.0 is happily making a home at Bec's place.

I've already taken her for a spin & have a new maternity dress to wear (considering I am growing out of all my other dresses) but more on that later.

I've also discovered a Spotlight store which is, happily, about 200m from my office!!  Yipppeee....you can imagine where my lunch hours are spent!  It just feels so great to be in that store again.

Of course the biggest reason to sew is the arrival of Bubs...a mere 11 weeks away or so!!  Yikes!  I just have so many things planned to sew so I must get to it or else I will really regret it.

I won't however need to make many baby clothes as Grandma brought over a suitcase load of clothes from the niece & nephews.  It's great we seem to have the same taste in baby clothes - simple, bold colours, dots & stripes.  Also my friend, Jessie, sent over a little pair of bloomers (the black & colourful diamond pair in the middle of the pic) for baby.  Check out her blog here.

I'm feeling much more energised about my sewing & getting excited about making so many things for the baby & I.

More on that later..