Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter

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I love my friend Jo.  She's just the kindest person in the world...I think it's fair & safe to say that.  However, we are good correspondents so I'm sure our friendship will continue to be very special.

Especially when she sends me presents like this book....SIMPLE SEWING FOR BABY by Lotta Jansdotter.

I received it at work & promptly thought about chucking a sickie & racing home to get started.  It's just the most appropriate present right now, totally up my alley, to my taste AND has ALL the things on my list that I wanted to make!

This is a sweet little pinafore for a toddler, even comes with a toy attached to the pocket!  I was just thinking that day that this is what I wanted to make for a couple of friend's little girls!

Firstly, how cute is this baby! I'm going to have one of those soon!  A play/laying mat was totally on my list of 'to makes'!

These little fella's will be cute on the ledge in the baby's room to hold up all his/her books.  Bookends were also on my list!

The patterns come folded up in an envelope at the front of the book & seem REAL easy!

Contents page shows you some simple drawings that tell you everything you need to know!

But here is what is first on my list...

It will end up being a nursing pillow but for now I will use (once I make it that is) as a pillow to sleep with.. this tummy is getting heavy!

Here are the fabrics I am thinking of...what do you think?

Next project is a couple of snugglers... I will also use muslin squares but these look much easier to 'do up'! 

There are many options for fabrics for these, here are a few...

These snuggles will also make for great presents!!

I actually want to make EVERYTHING in the whole book so it will be an ongoing process of which I will keep you updated!  

I highly recommend this book, it's simple, easy & your imagination can go wild with fabrics etc... just what we need!  

That & an awesome friend like Jo! Thank you!!