Sewing lists!

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I love a list.  I have lists for quite a lot of things.  One needs lots of lists in my line of work.  And I predict that joining the Mummy world will bring more & more lists. I already wake during the night running through to do lists for the baby.

I do have a confession though...sometimes when I start a new list I begin with one or two things I've already done so that I can cross them off & feel incentivised to crack on with the rest of the list. (I know someone else that does that too...)

But I've come to a super challenging list..."Things I want to make for baby!"

It's not that its super long cos it is manageable. It's that I don't know where to start or what fabric to use. Now that I have Spotlight outings in my lunch break, I am finding myself overwhelmed as to what fabric to buy for what piece I want to make. 

So this is where you come in...maybe you can help me make decisions considering I am having so much trouble!

I'm going to just run up some plain coloured poplin sheets for the cot.  Not much to decide there...plain blue, red, yellow & green.  Easy. 

I'd like to make a thin cot blanket as we don't need heavy things. So here are some options that I can run up & perhaps put a layer of batting in between.  Nominees are:

I'm pretty sure the red strawberries are coming home with me along with the yellow lemons...what do you think of the middle black & blue?

This is from the pattern from the Lotta sewing book that my friend sent me. 

I'm thinking of changing the pattern slightly to make the inner out of calico & then make 2 covers. Options are:

I have already bought the green & white Ikat at the top left...I was planning on using that to cover a cushion for the feeding chair but it could work better for the pillow.  Perhaps the dots at the bottom left are too bright for such a time for relaxing!

Again I am going to use a Lotta pattern for this.  And again I want to change it up a bit & use the plastic coated fabric so that it's easier to wipe down.

Mothers out there - is that more practical that a totally fabric mat that I can just throw in the washing machine??

This pic is of the fabric options but the plastic covered option ones are the same colours & dotty!!

Yes, another Lotta pattern...I really like this one due to the velcro.  I have trouble using muslins to wrap babies tight enough.  Perhaps that just take more practice which I will get.

I'd like to make these as cool & bright but also snuggly. I suppose the options are endless given I'd like to make around 5 of them but here are some ideas:

Just like I made for my niece I'd like to make some more little nappy covers or bloomers...I guess these aren't essential so I will leave these at the end of the list but here are some cute fabrics.

I think I will just use off cuts of the above fabrics to make this play mat but I just wanted to post this incredibly cute picture!

I think these are just so cute...& I've already made a decision on these bad boys!  Yellow & white stripes and Yellow & white spots! Cross that off the list...

You'll notice that I don't have clothes on this list...that's because Grandma brought over HEAPS of clothes from our nephews & nieces.  Thankfully, it seems we have the same taste in baby clothes - stars, stripes & bright colours. 

So that's where I am at the moment... many more things will get added to this list especially as I leave work in 3 weeks!

Let me know what you think!