Craft fail!

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Okay, so this blog is to celebrate craft triumphs along with fails. So here, I present a fail.

Also this post could go down in the "too much information" label but I want to share all successes & misses with you.

Obviously, having a baby is expensive.  We all know that.  So I have been trying to cut some expenses where I can, make what I can & just get the exact things that we need. Afterall, we don't need THAT much stuff.

One of those areas is this idea of paying $20 per box of disposable breast pads. I hadn't really noticed how expensive they were as they were far far down on my "to get" list.  But then they registered on my radar when my sister suggested that I make them out of face washers!  BRILLIANT! She's clever that big sis.

The plan was perfect.  I bought about 6 face washers for $2.90, washed them & worked out I could get 2 pairs out of one washer.  Genius!

I lined up all the materials ready to show you how to do it & got cutting out my perfect little circles traced from a mug.

Then I sat down to the machine & tried to get busy zig zagging the edges.  It's just like Appliqué, I said to myself.  Just edge around the circle with a nice tight zig zag & we'll have cheap, reusable pads in a jiffy.

Here is where things started to unravel...literally.  Due to the terry towelling fabric of the face washer & the fact that I was not using an overlocker, the edges just got jammed in the feed dog & frayed like crazy!

You may not be able to tell from the pic above but here is an attempted pad...all unraveled at the edge & wonky.  I admit it, I swore.  Loudly. 

Here I am trying to be cost effective, had a brilliant plan only to find myself wishing I was back home with my trusty overlocker by my side (insert other homesick thoughts here...lots of them!)

To make matters worse, I've gone to 2 alteration places locally & they don't seem to have an overlocker either.  Or for that matter, interested in making a couple of bucks in edging these little puppies for me.  Maybe that's wise...more wise than me. 

So I'm in a pickle..the alteration ladies think I'm from another planet in trying to make them, me knowing how easy it would be & now faced with either giving up by buying the wretched disposable ones. 

Any ideas anyone? They would be most welcome.


You can get reusable breast pads in many of the baby stores around Singapore. Kiddy Palace in Tampines definitely has them if I remember correctly. Avent is a good brand, also Pigeon (a Japanese brand). I too was shocked by the price of disposable breast pads and they're quite a pain to use!
Here's one online baby store that has Avent washable nursing pads - 6 for $20:

Or try these made from natural Hemp Jersey - 6 for $19.95:

Hope that helps. :-)