Nothing like a bit of inspiration at Craft Gawker to get your craft on!

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Ok, Ok, I haven't been around much.  I'm sorry about that.  I guess family life has taken me a little away from individual pursuits.  Not that I haven't been sewing, I have.  I just haven't had the time, and honestly, the inclination to write about it.  When I have a break from Little Buddy, I find myself drinking tea, watching some drivel on the internet or maybe, you know, having a shower.

I've made a couple of things in the last few months: Little Buddy's first birthday outfit, My dress to wear to said birthday, present sacks for the family, a Tova top & generally just bumbled around fixing up half made things.

The old internet is distracting me from here too.  I've become even more addicted to my google reader & now the crossover to Feedly.  But what I have found more over is Craft Gawker.

I read it on my phone most of the time, while I'm feeding Little Buddy or when I am drinking my tea.  I just zone out & look at all the clever things people do. Pick it up for free here.

I think of it as a gigantic roundup of all the craft & DIY projects out there. You can favourite them too by clicking on the heart (easy for me to do!) & that way you collect & keep the projects that take your fancy.

All you have to do is click the picture of what you like & you'll be sent to the site. You can also see how many other like it & what has been the favourite or "most gawked" in the last week.

These 4 posts are the most "favourited", wow!

I'm also in the process of adding some projects of my own, starting with baby cot sheets. It's pretty easy to add your own.

Another awesome thing about this site is that there are other gawker sites: Foodgawker, Dwellinggawker, Stylegawker & Weddinggawker. The food one is a fav of mine too.

So check them out.  Be warned, it's addictive!