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I have a confession.  When I see tutorials on making cushion covers I think "D'uh, who can't sew a simple cushion cover!?"  But I have noticed in blogs that people are really rather keen to take up sewing. So what better thing to try your hand than a cushion cover. And I wouldn't be providing a Usefulbox of craft if I didn't cover all levels of sewing. 

So here we are, my take on a simple cushion cover. 

Materials needed:
  • Fabric & cushion insert
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thread - can use contrasting coloured thread
  • Buttons - quantity depending on the size of your cushion
  • Pins & unpicker

My cushion insert was 40cm x 60cm which I bought from Ikea. I just popped the insert on the folded fabric (also from Ikea) and estimated the fold over or 'envelope'. 

Once you've sized it all up, fold over the ends of the short side in order to hem it. 

Turn to right side after pressing.  Place your buttons on the fold to work out the positioning of the buttonholes. Use pins to mark the size of the buttonholes. I chose to use a different coloured thread for the buttonholes. 

TIP: To cut open your buttonholes, pin across one end.  Poke your unpicker into the other end in the middle of the stitching and push up to rip.  The pin at the top end with save your unpicker going through past the buttonhole.

You now have the finished ends of the "envelope".  With right sides together, fold over with the buttonhole side in the middle with the underside overlapping. 

 Sew & overlock the side seams.

Turn to the right side and press. 

I decided to stuff the cushion with the insert and while a pin is holding it shut, I then pinned where the buttons should be placed.  I pushed a pin through the buttonhole for placement. 

The way that I sew on buttons with the machine, is to take off the foot, turn to the stitch setting to the horizontal buttonhole stitch & press down the foot to hold in place.  And sew!

Once all the buttons are sewn on & you've popped in the insert...You have a cushion cover!  Voila!

Happy sewing!


John said...

Great Idea! I like this type of cushion cover.