Make your own wedding dress!

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I've never been that little girl who dreams of her wedding day, planning every meticulous detail.  I was pleased though to actually do it in real life.

Having a background in event management, I could handle all those details easily and I knew where to start and what to focus on.  We wanted a venue that could hold both the ceremony and reception and most importantly, we wanted to feed our guest decadently! They were the big tick boxes that thankfully were checked to meet our expectations!

What were your biggest expectations of your wedding?

However, there was one element that was puzzling me - My Dress!  Just a teeny tiny element of course!  I began thinking that it would just be easy to find a dress off the rack or indeed source a fabulous vintage dress. Sure, that would save me time, it made sense.

Then one day I was chatting to my mother in law and she mentioned that she made her wedding dress and I could see how proud she was of that.  Afterall, sewing is something to be super proud of, we all know that! It made me think.  All our guests know that I can sew, some even know that I have made a friends wedding dress and will they expect that I have made my wedding dress?

More importantly, how would I feel when they asked me?  I quickly decided that I would feel awful if I said I didn't make my dress.  And I didn't want to feel that on my wedding day.

So that was that, I decided.  I am going to make my own wedding dress! I am going to be one of those proud ladies who made my own wedding dress!

Did you make your own wedding dress?

Once I had decided on making my dress, I started the search for the fabric.  Finding the right fabric was going to dictate the style of my dress. Whenever I had imagined my wedding dress growing up, it was never white.  Hell no! I look terrible in white. It was always going to be a bright red or green or teal.

I searched high and low for an emerald green silk, I even looked into having it dyed.  But to no avail. Then I found this teal, or even petrol, blue silk in Tessuti.  That was it...I found it!  The next step was to add some "bridal" to it, hence adding the lace & a train at the back.

My inspiration for the style of the dress came from this dress from BHLDN coupled with the lacy sleeves!  And I used this Vogue Pamela Roland V1289 pattern as the basic block as I loved the pleats in the bodice and skirt!

I got pattern making using the Vogue pattern and made up around 4 toiles to get the fit right - all while keeping it a secret from my partner!  

Here she is! 

I was overall really chuffed with the result and I felt a million bucks on the day.  Especially when people did ask if I had made it.  I felt most proud!

I encourage all sewers out there to make their own wedding dress.  What's stopping you??? It's the best feeling...

I'd love to hear if you made your own wedding dress?  And how you went about it?  Weddings are pretty neat!

More soon on other elements of the wedding which are handmade....!



Fiona said...

Wow! That is awesome!!

usefulbox said...

Thank you Fiona - that's very kind xx