Box Pleat Midi Skirt - One of my favourite skirts to make!

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One of my favourite skirts to make is with a box pleat. Which is lucky as I am in love with skirts at the moment. This love has come from thinking hard about what suits me and what I like to wear.  Skirts are a favourite for sure.  And I think I suit waisted midi skirts. At least I hope I do as that is one of my favourite skirts to make.

I loved this fabric the first time I saw it a month or so ago at Spotlight.  It's the Dark Leaves Linen Cotton at 133cm wide.  My friend was with me and she actually gave me the idea of a box pleat midi skirt when I feel in love with the fabric.  I actually had to buy some more when I finally came to make it! The fabric is lovely.  It has a nice drape even though it has some weight to it.  I washed it beforehand and I think that added to the ease of sewing.  I love sewing with cottons and linen, who wouldn't, so I enjoyed the actual sewing up of this piece.  Another reason this is one of my favourite skirts to make!

The pattern is a mix of a few actually!  I can't reference them here unfortunately as I have used them so often over the years that I have only my hand drawn copy of the original pattern with only "Box Pleat Midi Skirt, Size 12" as the identifier.  Note to self: I must organise my patterns!!

I knew that I wanted a tie back, pockets and the length to be the perfect midi. I drafted the pockets based on a 70's pattern of my mothers and the waist band is a simple curved length to make up the tie at the back.  And who doesn't love pockets in a skirt, especially mothers!

The only really tricky thing I encountered with the centre back pleat and how to insert the invisible zip with the pleat folding in on the CB seam.  I battled with it a little bit until I realised I can just give a few mm space between the pleat.  I also sewed down the box pleat around 8cm to make a nice flat fall over my misshapen mummy tummy. 

I was also very careful about the length. I know that I enjoy wearing midi length skirts or at least just at the bottom of my knee cap.  I also wanted a chunky hem which I could easily do with this fabric.  I made the hem 4cm and machine sewed it to give it some fullness and "air" to it!

Overall I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I enjoyed sewing it and I enjoyed showing off the finished skirt to my family.  It super fun to wear.  This really is a satisfying skirt to make.  And really is one of my favourite skirts to make!

Do you enjoy making simple skirts like this?  I'd love to see your creations.  Please post them on our Facebook page so we can all enjoy them!