Batch sewing: 3 top tips & tricks!

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I won't lie.  I'm actually enjoying some batch sewing or sewing in a production line fashion lately.

You see I have been doing a bit of sewing for the girls at Little Ziggy, a online store for very fashionable little dudes and dudettes!

To be specific, I've been making their ever so cute little playsuits and more recently their little dribble bibs.

In doing these little sewing jobs I have become quite the production liner!  And I'm enjoying it! Because I enjoy it so much here are my Batch Sewing 3 top tips and tricks.

Tip #1 : Prepare, Prepare & Prepare some more

This first step is the most crucial for batch sewing.  Preparing your job will be the key to your success.

Make sure that you have all that you need at once.  Meaning, you have enough fabric for the quantity you are making,  you have all the notions and equipment you need and most importantly, you have the thread!!  Nothing is more frustrating than starting your production line and running out thread!

I also suggest you cut all the pieces you need at once.  If you are making 10 bibs, then cut out 10 of the outer and back fabrics at once.

Pinning each and every piece first will enable you to begin with a stack of pieces ready to go.  For these bibs, I pinned all of the first with right sides together and added the tag so I could sew around each piece leaving a gap to turn them right way round.

Tip #2 : Sew a complete piece first

This next tip kind of goes against the whole concept of batch or production line sewing.  I prefer to sew one whole piece first.  A practice run if you like.

With these bibs, once I had pinned them all, I took the first one off the pile and then sewed it from start to finish.  It showed me what I was doing, tested the seam allowances and the process which I thought was the right way of doing it.

When this one turned out properly, I knew I was on the right track and it gives one a confidence to get stuck in and sew them all up.

Tip #3 :  Complete each step of the pattern with the whole batch. 

I'll admit, I had a deadline for these so I got them done quickly and in one sitting.  But it really is best to complete each step of the process with the WHOLE quantity of pieces.  In other words, complete each step of the pattern to the whole batch and then move onto the next.

For example, there are 4 steps to these bibs.  So I sewed the outside seams to each bib, turned them all out and clipped the corners, pressed each one and then top stitched each one.  In a batch.

Makes it super easy.  And quick.  Even mediative.

What have you sewn in a production line?  Is this the way you do it too?  Please let me know if you try this method and if it works for you.