Our first beginner sewing workshop.

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Today was a very exciting day.  It was our first Absolute Beginner Sewing Workshop!

I hosted 4 very excited ladies this morning who all went home happily with a new tote bag and zippered pouch.  Everyone was very creative with their fabric choices with contrasting zips and thread!

Lisa created these beautiful bags and was very happy with them!
I put a lot of thought into the layout of the room and made sure everyone was extra comfy with tea, coffee and cake.  At each station, each person had a pattern, quick reference guide, test fabric, fabric marker and pins. 


We first of all learnt all about our machines and what dial does what. We then learnt how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine and pick up the bobbin thread at the bottom.  We then used our test scraps of fabric to do some practice with straight lines, corners and zigzags.

Choosing the fabric, the fun part, came next and then we got right down to cutting out and sewing up our tote bag.

After a break and some cake, we then moved onto our zippered pouch. Using some skills and principals that were just learnt, these pouches came together quickly.  I was super impressed with the ease that the girls whipped up those zips! 

 Overall a great day. I had a wonderful time and it made me so happy seeing the girls so happy and proud of what they've made.

When will you join us for a workshop?  What other projects would you like to tackle?