How to de-stash your scrap stash!

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I am a fabric hoarder.  Oh yes, indeed!

But not the normal shopaholic hoarder.  Oh no! I save all the little scraps from projects and I keep them "just in case!" You know, incase I take up patchwork, or need some for appliqué or for a soft toy. But I haven't done any of those! 

I just throw them in this plastic tub along with all my hopes for crafting them into something.  
I can now see its starting to become a problem so I had better nip it in the bud now. 

So I am going to show you how to de-stash your scrap stash!

Are you a fabric scrap hoarder?  

Do save all the bits left over from cutting out projects? 
Do you think that one day you'll make that patchwork quilt? 
Or maybe those heat packs or eye patches or little purses as gifts you see on Pinterest? - see our ideas here!

Do you need some help in getting it back under control?

Yeah, me too!

I guess I stash as I see it as saving some money, or perhaps because my mother was a fabric hoarder! But I mainly do it with a whole lot of hope, clarity and determination....which quickly wanes once it goes into the void of the plastic storage tub I have designated for these precious little bits!

So what can we do?  How can we beat this fabric bits and bobs beast?

Here's my plan - one step at a time! Are you with me?

- When cutting out a pattern, make a decision when looking at the scraps, exactly what is a scrap and what isn't?  i.e.: Is the piece just far too small or odd shaped to make anything out of?
- Assess the larger pieces - could this large piece make some bunting, or a little drawstring bag? Yes, then keep it.  No, then chuck it!
- Fold the keeper pieces immediately into a standard size, for display purposes of course! 
- File away in colour groups....and maybe even sizes.  Oh, that's ambitious. 
- Try, really really hard, not to buy anymore fabric
- Think about what projects I can actually do....DO THOSE PROJECTS...Christmas (!) isn't far away afterall!
OK, so that sounds good. Right?

But what will I do in the meantime with all those aforementioned scraps. I've decided to attack the box head on. And I've done just that! 

Here are my 3 top tips for how to de-stash your scrap stash!

1. Sort your fabric into colour piles.  Thats not hard...and a bit of fun actually!

2. Attack each pile by taking each piece of fabric, trim off odd sized or shaped pieces and then fold them nicely to a size of around 15cm w x 20cm h.  Or whatever you like!

3. Wrap each colour pile with some of those trimmed off pieces to hold it all together nicely.  Repack into your container or box.  Stand back and admire your handy work!! 

Voila!  Your lovely stash piles.  And I'm pleased to say that so far this method has worked for me.  All the colour piles are still neatly in the box and I feel happy and glad to look at the box, instead of feeling overwhelmed!

How do you de-stash your scrap stash?  I'd love to see some pics on Instagram! Follow us here!  Use #destashscrapstash so we can all share in the beauty of our neat stash!!!