MeMade: The Rushcutter Dress by In The Folds

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I first saw this dress on the Maai Design blog and when I met Maaike, she was wearing it.  I loved it instantly and knew that this would be a dress that I would love to wear. And make!

And boy was I right!!! 

Presenting my make of The Rushcutter from In the Folds!

What drew me to this dress was that fabulous neck detail and the many many options that it gives.  Colour blocking, mixing patterns or simply using the same fabric giving a hint of the detail.  I also love the pocket detail, length of the sleeve and the silhouette of both views.  I knew it was the dress for me!

Once I had made up my mind to buy the pattern and make it up, I started to see lots of people who had made it up.  Sewing with Kate's fab vintage fabric long sleeve version was as suggested, fab!  I loved the contrast in Sew MarieFleur Pink Rushcutter.  And given I am an absolute sucker for polka dots, I loved Beth from SewDIY's take on the pattern.  To see more inspiration, check out the roundup here!

Being the end of summer I, of course, decided to make the sleeveless summer version and I already had this cotton from Spotlight in my stash, seemingly waiting for this dress.  I don't normally wear these colours due to being so pale but low and behold, they suit me!  Bring on more autumn colours!!

This pattern is bought as a digital file and I highly recommend having it printed on A0 simply because there are some complex pattern pieces.  The side neckline is one piece which looks super scary when laid out and cutting.  So trying to piece that together with A4 paper would be tricky.  Life is far too short for that!

The dress is also all french seamed.  However, I forged ahead a little bit at the start and on autopilot I didn't do french seams so I just kept going and used the overlocker for all seams. The next Rushcutter I make I will for sure follow the instructions to the letter and french seam my little heart out.  

On both versions, the neckline is the same with the back button up placket.  Which was a bit daunting while cutting out but super easy to put together.  I actually love how it all came together.  The buttons were in my enormous button jar and I think work well. I have found that I can actually put it on over my head without undoing the buttons!  Hurrah for that!

As I mentioned, I did do some small adjustments but they are something that I have to do with nearly all patterns.  I needed to cut away about 2 cm from around the armhole as it felt too small and uncomfortable. I always have to do this, perhaps I have rather large arm sockets! In fact, I probably could have cut down a tiny bit more but any more and I would have cut into that one pattern piece, making it super tricky.   

The other adjustment I made was adding 10cm to the length.  The dress is actually quite short and even though I am not super tall, I felt it was too short for me. So again, I added some more length.  Usual story for me!

This pattern also uses self binging around the neckline and armholes.  Can I just say self binding is FAB! I love it.  I haven't used it much in the past but lately I have been self binding crazy!  Even ad-libing it and adding it to patterns where I haven't used the sleeve and therefore there is no facing. Fun, Fun, Fun! I have been using what I call "The Tessuti Binding Method" from their blog.  Super easy!

The self sash is fun too.  But next time I may need to add belt loops, just for some comfort.  I will also raise up the pockets as they were just a bit too low for me as per the pattern. 

Whenever I wear this dress, I am complimented and really that is all a girl can ask for and makes one want to make more and more!

Can't wait to make the next one in this style and then lots and lots for winter with the longer sleeve and deeper pockets. My sister has put in her order as well. 

I may also add an elasticated waist to one as well using this tutorial from Indie Sew!

After you download this pattern you can also follow Emily's sew along which has loads of tips.  Emily is somewhat of a pattern making genius and has lots of tutorials on her other site Em Makes Patterns.  A treasure trove of info - I was amazed when I found it and intend it to be my go to site for pattern making!!

Have you made a Rushcutter?  Would love to see what you have made!