My Pinterest boards for you!

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I've been pinning for a while now and it's really become my go-to for inspiration and ideas.  I think I have used it to theme each of my son's birthdays along with planned my imaginary fabulous forever house!

Now that I am devoting more time to teaching people to learn to sew than daydreaming, I am having so much fun adding pins that will help you in your sewing education!

Here are a few that you will like!

My most followed board is a treasure trove of fabulous, easy and quick craft or sewing projects

I'm also amassing a wealth of tips and tricks for sewing along with a collection of PDF sewing patterns on this board

 If you are wanting to delve into pattern making or learn to alter your patterns, here is lots of info!

And you'll get a sneak peak into my fashion taste in my Fashion boards, here and here.

Plus if you are attending our Carolyn's PJ's weekend, I've complied so many makes to inspire you!

If you've taken, or thinking about, a beginner class with me where we made a zip pouch, here are heaps and heaps of other types you can make now you have the skills!

Join me on Pinterest and we can no just daydream but make stuff together!

Don't forget to show me on #usefulboxsewinglessons what you've made from this inspiration!!

Happy Pinning!